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Year 5

Welcome to our Year 5 page. We look forward to teaching your child and are looking forward to the year ahead.
Mr Armstrong, Mrs Massey, Mrs Lomas, Mrs Denham-Marsh, Mrs Walker, Mrs Evans, Mrs Iqbal and Mrs Mayall are our school's Year 5 team and will be working with your child throughout the year.
•    Homework will be given out on a Friday and collected in the following Tuesday.
•    Children will be given new spellings on a Friday and will be tested the following Friday.
•    Your child will need to bring in their signed reading journals weekly and will be expected to change their books when required and read daily. 
•    Additional homework may also given.

•    Children are expected to know all of the timetables and access Timestables Rockstar regularly.

Please ensure your child arrives before 8.50, as children begin work immediately with registration activities and multiplication practices before they go to assembly. Thank you.


Our Year Ahead
Please find below our Long Term Plan for the academic year, 2019-2020.

Shadow investigation

Shadow investigation 1
Shadow investigation 2
Shadow investigation 3
Shadow investigation 4
Shadow investigation 5
In Year 5, we planned how we could investigate what happens to shadows throughout the day. We decided a good way was to measure the shadow of something big on the pitch every hour. We used a height measuring stick in the same position each hour and recorded the length of the shadow. We then discussed the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky and why this happens.