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Music is taught using the Charanga scheme throughout the whole school for lessons, vocabulary and assessment. The Charanga music scheme has really helped to give all our teachers, whether musicians or not, the confidence to teach the music curriculum successfully. Charanga also provides progression between year groups for the whole school to learn to play the glockenspiel. Children develop their skills in playing the glockenspiel from as young as year 1 and carry on all the way up to year 6, here at St Thomas' Primary School.


As well as using the Charanga scheme, we work with the Oldham Music Hub to bring in a qualified instrumental teacher to teach our years 3 to 5. They take it in turns to have weekly violin lessons. Each term, a different year group continues to enhance their skills from the previous year in order to show progression. There is an additional group of year 6 children, who have been specifically picked for their love and flair for music, who have an additional weekly violin lesson.


All music lessons are weekly so that children can incorporate all of the skills they have learnt previously and to extend their musical knowledge.