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31st January 2020

Friday 31st January 2020



What an amazing January we have had, so much going on and so much more to come in February. 


Reception Transport Trip

Our Reception children have been on their transport trip.  They walked to Oldham Tram Stop, went on the tram to Rochdale. Then caught a train to Mills Hill, a bus to Oldham Bus Station and then finally on the school mini-bus back to school.

An amazing experience and one that they have really enjoyed.  


Year 5 Jodrell Bank Visit

Year 5 visited Jodrell Bank in Macclesfield to learn more about their topic on ‘Space’.  

The day was superb; they took part in activities on planets and gravity.  Visited the huge telescope and learned about Tim Peak, the first British astronaut to stay on the International Space Station.


Year 2 Great Fire of London Workshop

Here are some shots of Y2 enjoying the Great Fire of London workshop a couple of weeks ago. The children learned about the spread of the fire from its beginning in the bakery of Thomas Farriner on Pudding Lane to its eventual end four days later. The children learned how the weather conditions and building materials at the time helped the fire to spread quickly. They learned how the people of London tried to fight the fire themselves using water from the River Thames and how rich people were able to escape using boats across the river. All of the  children enjoyed the workshops and have built up a fabulous knowledge of this period of our history.


Year 4’s cake sale for charity

Year four did a fabulous job raising money for their charity, World Wildlife Fund, by holding a cake sale. We are proud to announce that they raised just over £180.  Thank you so much for your support.


Year 3 Music

Year Three have been enjoying lots of music this term. They have had the pleasure of learning the violin with Mr Lord as well as music and singing with Mr Cooke.



Year 3 Iron Man

Year Three have been reading the Iron Man and have been basing lots of their English on the book. As part of this topic, the children have all made their own character to star in their own story.