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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3, this year you will be working with Miss Lee, Mr Cockson, Mrs Jones, Miss Platt and Miss Tash.


Remember to bring your book bag to school each and everyday containing:

-Your reading book and reading record

- This weeks spelling list

- Times Table card.


Our PE days for this half term are

3ML = Mondays and Tuesdays

3PC= Mondays and Tuesdays (swimming) 


Swimming for this term is class 3PC. You need a swimming costume / shorts, a towel and a swimming hat if needed. 



Worship - The pupils found out what similarities they have with each other. (Lesson 1)

Science Workshop - Forces and Magnets

Volcano eruptions - the children worked so hard on their homework, we had an explosive time watching them!

Myths and Legends - King Midas

Skittles fractions

Guided reading - play script. All pupils came ALIVE when acting out this weeks text.

Science - Does the circumference differ between boys and girls?

Maypole dancing - We had a fabulous time Maypole dancing to English folk music.

Linking to the book Leon and the Place Between, (a story we studied in English lessons) the children got into character through Dance. All the pupils put in an amazing amount of effort in and have worked so hard as a team! Well done 3ML, you shine with pride!

Science Week, was a huge success, the pupils began by looking at shocking imagery of today's oceans and the vast amounts of pollution. The children set up there own experiment, an observational experiment looking at the changes of a wide variety of materials that could be in finding their way into the rivers and oceans. The smell after a week was terrible - as you can see we had to find inventive ways to not smell! We would like to thank the parents for all the plastic donations - we made a plastic jellyfish installation hanging from our classroom ceiling!

In History lessons, the pupils learnt all about the Shang Dynasty. They learnt about roles, responsibilities and Oracle Ceremonies. To celebrate the work, the children printed their own t-shirt with a Ying and Yang design. Very impressive Year 3!

Manchester University. A small selection of year 3 pupils had the opportunity to participate in an English Masterclass session at Manchester University.

For our Shang Dynasty' topic in Histroy, the children learnt all about the 'Dragon Bones' and then had a chance to make their very own.

Creating an 'Emotion Graph' for a character in a short film. 'Girl and Robot'.

Art and DT - Autumn 2 - Eric Joyner

To kick start our 'Stone Age' topic, the children were set the challenge to find out what the diet of Stone Age humans would have been like. Pupils investigated Stone Age poo!!! (Don't worry it wasn't real!)

Science friction experiment

Maths - experimenting with digit value and place value

Google Legends - E-safety

Stonehenge - the children learnt all about the mysterious stone structure, then had a go at making their own.

Design Technology - the pupils measured and cut various types of wood to create the chassis for the start of their car. All children were very safe and really enjoyed using a variety of tools.