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Who are we

The body consists of:


2 Parent governors

Sadia Khan (Elected Autumn 2021)

Moyrum Bibi (Elected July 2019)

1 Local Authority governor

Mr. Keith Pendlebury (Elected Autumn 2015)


1 Staff governor

Yvette Stuart (Elected Autumn 2015)


1 Head teacher

Mrs. Angela Knowles, Ex-Officio (Summer 2005)


7 foundation governors

Rev. Nick Andrewes                 Chair of Governors, Vicar, Henshaw Trust Representative

Ex-Officio (Summer 2014)

Mrs S Hobson                          Vice Chair of Governors, P.C.C. Representative (Elected Autumn 2016)

Ms. Judy Kane                          P.C.C. Representative (Elected Autumn 2015)

Mrs. Angela Grant                    P.C.C. Representative (Elected Autumn 2018)

Mrs. Diane Service                   P.C.C. Representative (Elected Autumn 2021)

Mrs. Claire Armitage-Truman    P.C.C. Representative (Elected Autumn 2021)

1 current vacancy - (Spring 2022)


Associate members (no voting rights)

Mr P McGrath

Miss M Lee

Mrs J Loader



Mr C Price


Members of governing body who have left within the last 12 months

Mr Charlie Clumuyiwa Akande (Summer 2019)

Mr Tanvir Hussain (Summer 2018)

Mrs Shelina Uddin (Spring 2019)

Mrs Noreen Hussain (Summer 2021)

Mrs Christine Dyer (Autumn 2021)