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Internet Parental Controls

With the Internet becoming more accessible to children on phones, tablets and computers, the advantages and dangers both increase.  There are very simple ways in which parents can create a safer environment for the children at home.

Your home wireless has parent controls that you can activate easily.

Parental controls are tools to help you manage your child’s internet use. There are lots of different types – you can set them at network level, on your child’s device or in an individual app or service. And there’s a lot you can do with them.

Parental controls can:

· Block and filter inappropriate content.

· Restrict what information your child can share.

· Control when and for how long your children can go online.

· Be customised for each family member.

Should you use them?

Parental controls can be really useful, especially for parents of young or vulnerable children. They can help stop your kids seeing upsetting or inappropriate content before they’re ready.


The NSPCC will be coming into school on Tuesday 21.06.16. They will be giving assemblies to children in key stage 1 and key stage 2. Children in years 5 & 6 will also have an hour long workshop. More information can be found by clicking here.



In recent weeks there have been quite a number of these canisters lying on the ground outside school. After asking some questions I found out they are: Laughing gas, also known as ‘Noz’. This has appeared regularly in the media in recent years, with images of well-known celebrities taking it, and shocking stories about the possible side effects.

They are currently not illegal but can be harmful. There is a lot more information here:



Laughing gas