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In Year 5, we really aim to increase our children's confidence of the English language through the studying of high quality class novels. You can really support your child by reading with them, asking them about the books they are reading and getting them to read a wide range of texts.

Year 5/6 Spelling

Please help your child to learn these spellings - test them and see if they can give you a definition of the word and use it in a sentence.
We begin Year 5 with this fantastic novel which fits in superbly with our topic 'Earth and Space'. It is a humorous book which we are sure the children will enjoy. We will be looking at different sentence types, answering comprehension questions about chapters and writing in role.  
To support our learning of the Ancient Greeks, we will be studying some of the key Greek myths as retold by Marcia Williams. The children will then be writing their own Greek myth - using all they have learned from the topic.
We will be reading 'Viking Boy' by Tony Bradman as our class reader as we learn about the Anglo Saxons, Scots and Vikings.
We will study the old English epic poem Beowulf - although we will probably read the modern day translation! We will start by looking at the old English version and seeing how our language have developed.
Year 5 will be learning this classic English poem, learning to recite it, re-write it as a playscript and perform it.