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Monday 10th September

Monday 10th September


Welcome back after the summer holiday.  We all hope you had a lovely holiday, break and Eid too.  This week's newsletter is quite short as I know you will be receiving a newsletter from your child's class and I don't want to repeat everything.


Thank you for your patience as we finish filling in our sinking tarmac.  The World War II air raid shelter's roof had given way and was sining slowly.  The builders needed to dig all the shelter out and fill it in properly so that it never happened again.  So far they have dug out over 130 tonnes of rubble!!  It should be finished early next week then we can have all our gates back open.


A date for the diary for parents of Year 6 children.  Monday 17th September the teachers will be holding a meeting explaining a little about what is coming up for the children in Year 6 with the tests and some of the exciting things they have planned too.

There will also be an information session about applications for secondary school and dates when help will be available with form filling.


Have a lovely week and hope to see you in the playground.