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Strike Action 28th April 2023

28th April 2023


Dear Parent/Guardian,


STRIKE ACTION – Updated letter


Please find the list of the classes in school which will be closed on Tuesday 2ndMay 2023.


Year 1 -1CS

Year 2 - 2IS and 2KB

Year 3 - 3ML and 3PC

Year 4 – 4MM

Year 6 - 6SB


Currently, 2-Year-Old Provision, Nursery, Reception, 1HM, 4SS, 5LC, 5AA and 6SH are open. I do understand the strike will be disruptive for you; however, the strike is legal and follows appropriate rules and guidelines.

If anything changes, you will be informed by text message.


Yours sincerely,


Paul McGrath