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Autumn 2 - Light and Dark

This half term, our children will be learning all about the topic 'light and dark'.


Each week, we will be looking at lots of different story books relating to our topic.

Week 1: Senses - Each day we will be talking about the different senses and will get to look, listen, smell, touch and taste lots of fun things.

Week 2: Bonfire night, Celebrations of Diwali and Remembrance Day.

Week 3: Shadows - Our story will be 'The foggy foggy forest' and we will get to be using the torches to learn the difference between light and dark.

Week 4: Autumn - Our stories will be 'Owl babies', 'the acorn' and 'Olivers Wood'.

Week 5: Learning all about our bodies/body parts - Our story will be 'Funny bones'.

Week 6: Winter and weather changes for clothes - Our story will be The snowman/snowdog

Week 7: Christmas - Our focus will be on Santa/elves and reindeers. Our Christmas song performance will be on Monday 11th December for our parents.

Week 8: Christmas crafts, Christmas songs and Christmas celebrations.