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Week beginning 18th May- Plants

Here are the key things we will be learning about during the plants topic.

Please read through the power point with an adult, to find out all about garden plants.

After reading through the power point, can you name these different garden plants? Write them down in your red exercise books.

Miss Philliskirk's favourite flower is a rose. Can you draw a picture in your red books of your favourite garden plant. You can use the sheet above to help you if needed.

Can you design your very own garden? What garden plants would you put in your garden? You might have fruit and vegetables growing too. There are some examples for your garden below.

Have a look in your gardens, or when you go for a walk for some different garden plants. Take a picture of them like below, or write them down in your red exercise books. Here are some garden plants in Miss Philliskirk's garden.

Can you use the internet to research some more names of garden plants we haven't looked at yet? Write a list in your red exercise books.

A fun story about a garden plant that is just too big!!

Week beginning 11th May- Seasons and Weather (continued)

Seasons Song

Listen and join in with the Seasons song!

In your red exercise books, can you write down the four seasons as headings and match the correct months into each season.

Split a page in your red exercise book into 4 sections (see example below). Write as many things as you can for each season to show what you have learnt. Draw a picture of each tree for each season also.

Why do we have Seasons?

A short video explaining why we have different seasons at different times in the year.

Discuss this power point with your child and make sure they understand the key words.

Copy the photo of the Earth into your red exercise books. Can you draw the imaginary equator, the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere and label them?

Week beginning 4th May- Seasons (continued) and Weather

Seasons recap- work through this power point to decide which season is the correct answer.

We are going to move onto different weather in the different seasons. Complete the following activities in your red exercise books.

Draw a table similar to the one below in your red exercise books. Fill the table out for each of the videos below, showing different types of weather.





Keep a diary for one week of the weather where you live. You could use the idea below to keep track of the weather each day.

Something fun to try....

Week beginning 27th April- Seasons (continued)

Can you identify the seasons? Write down in your red exercise book what you can see in each of the seasons.

Each season is made up of three months. Look at the wheel below to find out which season your birthday is in. Write down all of your family's birthdays in your red exercise book and write down what season they were born. Also write down what the weather is like during their birthday season.

As the seasons change, the amount of daylight in each season and month changes. Discuss this power point with your child.

Can you answer the questions below about the day length in each of the months and seasons? Write your answers in your red exercise books.

Week beginning 20th April- Seasons

Please read through these power points with your child to discuss the different seasons.

Can you draw a Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter tree? Draw these in your red exercise book.

Can you answer the seasons questions?

Can you say which item belongs to which season?