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Shape and Space


Finding Missing Coordinates

A short clip to show the different methods you can use to find the missing coordinates of shapes.

KS2 SATs Coordinates reasoning problems

A walk through of some of the problems for y6 coordinates SATs reasoning questions.

Area and Perimeter

How to Find Area and Perimeter

This outer space-themed video teaches the concepts of area and perimeter. You'll learn how to calculate the area of rectangles by counting unit squares and the perimeter by adding side lengths, and then by using the formulas length x width and (2 x length) + (2 x width).

Math Antics - Perimeter

Do you know what perimeter is?

Math Antics - Area

Do you know what area is?

How the find the Area and perimeter of compound shapes - VERY IMPORTANT!

Watch this video. Use a sheet of paper and pause the video to have a go. See if you can do it!

2D Shape

Naming 2D Shapes - Do you know all the names of these shapes?

BASIC MATHS - Learning Your 2D Shapes (for Key Stage 2 + 3, GCSEs, and Beginners)

An excellent video for revising the properties of the shapes - you need to know about them to solve problems involving them.

3D Shape

Learning the properties of 3D shapes

Again - if you know the proerties of the 3D shapes, questions about them become a whole lot easier!

Naming 3D Shapes - Do you know the names of all these shapes?

Do you know the difference between a pyramid and a prism?

Translation, Rotation and Reflection (Symmetry)

Transformations - Translating A Triangle On The Coordinate Plane

This tutorial reviews how to perform a translation on the coordinate plane using a triangle.

Rotating Shapes

This video demonstrates how to rotate a shape in numerous ways.

Transformations - Reflection

Review the rules for performing a reflection across an axis.

Key Stage 2 SATs Question - Symmetry In A Mirror Line

Taken from the 2003 Key Stage 2 SATs Maths Test A, this is an explanation showing how to reflect a shape in a mirror line without using a mirror.