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Welcome to our Maths Page! Please find useful links below to help you with each of our objectives. Don't forget to check out our wonderful calculation videos (autographs can be given upon request)! If you have ANY, ANY, ANY questions - please come and ask someone.

Place Value


Objective 1: To read,  write, order and compare numbers up to 10,000,000.

Math Antics - Place Value

Here's a lesson to help explain exactly how the place value of our number system works. Really useful to help us understand number.

Math Antics - Decimal Place Value

Here's a lesson to help you understand the decimal places!

Place Value - making, comparing and ordering numbers.

Rockin' the Standards - Place Value Rap!

Music is a great way to learn - can you follow this rap? It goes beyond our objective, but the principles are the same!

Place Value "Problems" - Ariana Grande!

Mr. J's rap teaches us about place value! Told you us teachers were cool! Get your paper ready and try to answer these questions!

Objective 2: To round any whole number to any given place.

Math Antics - Rounding

Here's a lesson on how you can round numbers, why we might do it and how it works.

Rounding Numbers Song: Nearest Ten & Hundred

This is a really clear song to teach you how we round - I really like the 'HILL' idea! After watching this, can you now apply the lesson to greater places or decimal places?

Rounding Numbers Rap

Easy and short rap to help you remember how to round!

Objective 3: To use negative numbers in context and calculate intervals across zero.

Math Antics - Negative Numbers

A great lesson to help you explain what negative numbers are, what we mean by integers and also how we compare integers.

Adding and Subtracting - Negative Numbers

Excellent explanation and reminder of how we add and subtract using positive and negative integers

Negative Numbers On The Playground! Here are some photos of when we ordered negative numbers and when we calculated differences between negative numbers.

Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers Song

Same signs add! Different signs subtract! Same signs add! Different signs subtract! Same signs add! Different signs subtract!

Objective 4 - To multiply and divide whole numbers and decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000.

Maths Mansion!

A video to show multiplying and divinding by 10, 100 and 1000 - using a big hen!

Moving Decimals Using Powers of 10

Another song for our maths page, helping us to understand how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000.



Objective 1 - Using addition and subtraction to solve problems

In order to complete this objective, you need to be secure at using our formal written methods of addition and subtraction. Watch our videos below to see how we use column addition and subtraction at St. Thomas and how we set it out and why.


If you can accurately use these methods, you need to develop your mental addition and subtraction skills. Look at the YouTube video I've added.


Once you can use written and mental methods, have a go at solving some of our problems!

Mental Maths Tricks - Addition and Subtraction in your head!

With this mental maths trick you will beable to add and subtract in your head rapidly - a critical skill in everyday maths. In this video, we look at tips on how to do basic addition and subtraction instantly without using a calculator.

How we carry out column addition at St. Thomas

Still image for this video
Here I am - can you follow what I'm doing?

How we carry out column subtraction (decomposition) at St. Thomas

Still image for this video
Here I am - Famous at last!

Learn the words that represent addition & subtraction

Join us as we discuss the different words and phrases that are associated with addition and subtraction. In the short lesson, we familiarise ourselves with these terms and analyse a few examples of translating an algebraic expression into words.

Objective 2 - To use long multiplication to solve problems

Math Antics - Multi-Digit Multiplication Pt 1

Use this to learn how to multiply by a single digit multiplier.

Math Antics - Multi-Digit Multiplication Pt 2

This is where we need to be! Make sure you can confidently complete written calculations as shown in this video.

Mental Math Tricks - How to multiply in your head!

How can you multiply in your head? Mental maths is easy - using this trick to reprogram your brain to multiply quickly and easily. This lesson shows you tips on how to multiply faster than ever!

Short Division with remainders

Look at how she has completed this calculation. I've used an example with multiples of 12 but, remember what we've practised in class, you can list any by counting on tens then ones, using our knowledge of doubling and halving, and also multiplying by ten.