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This page is currently being used to display comments made by parents about our school.


We have recently begun a 'Parent's Forum'.  Details of this group and comments will soon be displayed here.


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A huge thank-you to all the parents that came along to Miss Duffy's 'Real Love Rocks'(CSE and healthy relationships session). For anyone that was not able to make the session, we will try to organise another session after the Easter break.


The feedback was hugely important and very useful. Here are some of the comments left;

" It is more prevalent at a younger age, how important this topic is and good that it has been addressed"


"I can teach my children about it and access the website for information/understanding"


"We know how we can get help and where we can go if we feel our kids need help"


"Very good awareness programme for the children, should have more programmes like this"


"I can apply this new information to parents who are un aware about it"


If you would like anymore information on the scheme of work, or you are interested in attending a follow up session, please contact Miss Duffy or click here to access the Barnardo's website.


Parents feedback from pupil progress reports