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Newsletter 29th April 2021

Dear Parents and carers,


Tomorrow would be the 101st birthday of Captain Sir Tom Moore.  He was the gentleman who raised the incredible amount of money for the NHS during the first lockdown by first walking around his garden 100 times.


He is sadly not with us any more but one of the things he wanted to organise was for people to keep thinking about charity and raising money for good causes.


This year some of the classes in school have been doing ‘100’ of something.  One class is making 100 origami cranes, one class doing 100 star jumps.  One class is aiming to do 100 laps of the school pitch.  One class is aiming to bring in 100 items to donate to a food bank. 


Our aim is to raise money to donate to a charity which is very close to our hearts as a school.


The charity is supporting orphan children in Yemen.  We first donated to this charity in 2019 when a young boy in our Nursery passed away.  His family wanted to support a cause in his memory and this was the charity they chose.  It helps children in other countries which is a fantastic cause.


If every child could bring £1 in tomorrow to donate we would be able to dedicate over £500 to this charity and do our bit to help.


Ask your child what they will be doing in their class.


Thank you