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Friday 19th June 2020


Good morning year 4. Today is the last time learning will be on the website and will now be found on Seesaw. If you have any problems accessing Seesaw please call the school office who will contact me to help you.


You learning for today:

Maths: Timestable Rockstars battle 4LC verses 4SS from 8am - 4pm. Good luck! 

Reading: Purple Mash - Read chapter 1 of Brain Academy and complete the quiz.

Writing: Imagine you are the man who works in the restaurant, who just wishes for money. Tell the story from his point of view.

Art:Practice you sketching skills by watching the video and draw the fountain from the the animation 'The Wishmaker.'


Thursday 18th June 2020

Good morning year 4! Please remember that if you have received your Seesaw account please now access you learning there and show me what you have done.


Today's learning:

Maths: Length - Complete the quiz, watch the video and complete the tasks.

English: After watching 'The Wishgranter' write a diary entry imagining that you are the Wishgranter. Remember to try and include some expanded noun phrases (2 adjectives/describing words for a noun)

Reading: Listen to the story from a child called Taylor.   Review the story using the sheet below.

Art: Create an optical illusion


Wednesday 17th June 2020


Good morning year 4 remember if you have received your Seesaw login have a go at sharing your learning. You can message me leave me a photo, video or voice recording of your learning.


Your learning:

1. English: Watch 'The Wishgranter' again

Research the Wishgranters tool box and write why the objects are often thought of as items to grant wishes. See the sheet below to help you.

2. Maths:

Complete the starter quiz, watch the lesson, complete the work (see attached) and retake the quiz.

3. Have a go at the 60 second comprehension below.

4. Art: Drawing skills how to add texture. Watch the lesson, practice and then create the scene out of your window.



Tuesday 16th June 2020


Good morning children,

If you have now received your Seesaw login please have a go at showing me some of your learning.

Today I would like you to complete these task:

1. Maths - watch the video (lesson 2) and complete the sheet attached.

2. Watch the animation 'The Wishgranter.'

Then write a paragraph about a wish that you would like granting saying why.

3. Log into Purple Mash and complete the reading activity and quiz called '8 Minutes.'

Monday 15th June 2020


Good morning year 4, I hope that you have had a lovely weekend! 

This week you should receive a letter from school about a new online learning site that we will be using called Seesaw. This will enable you to upload your work, send me comments and I will be able to comment on your learning too.


This week I will continue to put learning onto this website as well as Seesaw but as of next week learning will only be on Seesaw.


Your learning today: 

1. Maths: Watch lesson 1 and complete the worksheet below in your exercise book.   

2.English: Recap on speech marks using this link Look at the cartoon strip below and change the speech in the cartoon in to direct speech by adding speech marks.

3. Thirdly log in to your Purple Mash account and you will see a book called Alien Hotel. Read the chapter and complete the quiz.

4. Finally, for fun have a go at the Salty Science investigation below.

Friday 12th June 2020


Today I would like you to rewrite the story 'La Luna' from the point of view of the boy. What did he think about his first day at work?


For maths watch the video looking at lesson 3 using the link below and then complete the worksheet below.


Finally look at 'La Luna' stopping the film at 1:38 and create your own silhouette.


Have a lovely weekend!  




Thursday 11th June 2020


Today I would like you to watch a video about the Greek moon God and compare it to 'La Luna.'

Have a look at the sheet below.


Next have a look at adding fractions using this video and complete the sheet below in your exercise book.




Wednesday 10th June 2020


In the film clip 'La Luna' the character job is to move the stars to create the different shapes of the moon that we see at night. These are called phases. Today I would like you to create a job advert. Think about what type of qualities and qualifications you would need to do this job. Have a look at the example below.


Next have a look at the video and interactive activities using this link all about dividing by 10. Have a go at the worksheets on this page and write the answers in your exercise book.


Tuesday 9th June 2020


Today I would like you to rewatch the short film 'La Luna.' Then I would like you to draw the moon and fill it with as many adjectives (describing words) as you can. For example words such as fullnewcrescenthalfbrightpale. Try to think of at least 20 adjectives that you could put inside your moon.


Finally revise your place value by watching the video and completing the activities below.

Monday 8th June 2020

Good morning children,

I hope that you have enjoyed your two week break. 

Today I would like you to watch a short clip called 'La Luna' using the following link.

Next watch the section from 0:44 - 1:07 again and write some dialogue between the characters. Remember your speech marks.


After that we will revise place value. To start with watch and complete the attached worksheet in your exercise book.


Finally don't forget to practice multiplication facts using Timetable Rockstars.



Friday 22nd May 2020


Good morning children, 

This will be our last session until after half term.


Today, I would like you to think about the video we watched at the beginning of the week, Ruckus I would like you to imagine that you are a newspaper reporter and create a report about the events that happened and think about what happened to the jewel in the end. See the newspaper template below to help you.


Secondly I would like you to recap on short multiplication by completing the sums in the document below. Write these in your exercise book.


I hope that you have a lovely holiday and why not have a go at baking banana bread using the link below . 


Thursday 21st May 2020


Good morning children,

This morning I would like you to firstly recap on rounding numbers.

Watch the following clip to remind you and then complete the sheet below in your exercise book.


Secondly, as our geography topic is about Italy I would like you to try and find out what these Italian words mean: Per Favore, Scusie, Buongiorno, Come Stai,  Grazie, Buonasera.  In English they are Hello, Goodbye, Please, Thank you, How are you and Excuse me.

Which Italian word matches the English word? Can you find out and then use them to speak to your family in Italian?


Wednesday 20th May 2020


Today I would like you watch a video about negative numbers. 

After watching the video complete the sheet below.


Remember to practice your timetables on Timetable Rockstars as well.





Tuesday 19th May 2020


Good morning children,


Yesterday I asked you to watch the video 'Ruckus' and turn the story into a comic strip. Today I would like you to watch the video again on the link below and create a wanted poster for the two brothers. An example is below. You could do this in your exercise book.


Remember spend at least 15 minutes practicing your times tables. 

Monday 18th May 2020


Good morning children we hope that you are all well!


This morning I would like you to watch a story called Ruckus on the following link.

Frank and Jason are Wanted, but they are still carrying out daring robberies, this time it seems is the great train robbery, however, will their greed be the end of them?


After watching I would like you to create a cartoon of the events. I have attached a document below in case you have forgotten what this looks like.


Finally, spend at least 15 minutes playing Times Table Rockstars.



Friday 15th May


Good morning children


Maths - problem solving challenges

English  - commonly confused homophones.  Words that sound the same but are spelt differently

                  your      you're        where     were     we're     wear

R.E. - Thinking very carefully about what is happening in the world at the moment.  Take some time to write a poem or a prayer about the way everyone is helping each other out and taking on the everyday challenges in this difficult and unusual time.

Thursday 14th May


Good morning children


Maths - follow Mondays link to day 4, area of shapes


English - Please punctuate the paragraphs and the sentences


Art - Leonardo Da Vinci painted a very famous portrait of the Mona Lisa

         Can you do a self-portrait in the style of Da Vincis Mona Lisa

Wednesday 13th May


Good morning children


Maths - follow the link on Monday to day 3.  Perimeter of shape


English - “The Witches” by Roald Dahl 
Ch. 6-8 (pg. 61-87)
1. What did Luke notice about the ladies were seated in the ballroom? How did he react? Why?
2. Describe the woman on the platform in as much detail as possible.
3. What happened once the woman removed her mask?
4. What did the Grand High Witch order the other witches to do first? Why?
5. What happened when a witch questioned the Grand High Witch’s plan? How did the other witches react? Why?
6. What did the witches plan quit their jobs and buy? Why?
7. What will they put into the sweets? How does the formula work?
8. Why is it important that it is a delayed action formula?

Tuesday 12th May


Good morning children


Maths - Make sure you follow the link from Monday for your maths.  Day two looks at perimeter


English - Copy and complete the text, filling in the appropriate words

Art - Leonardo De Vinci

Take a look at the following website and have a go at copying one of his famous paintings

Monday 11th May


Good morning children


Hope you have had the best weekend possible and you managed to celebrate VE day with the people in your house


Maths - this week we have multiplying and division problem solving, perimeter of shapes and area of shapes.

Follow the video and try the tasks



Please listen to or read the next two chapters of The Witches.


Questions to answer

Ch. 4-5 
1. Why did Luke and his grandmother have to return to England? How did they feel about it? Why?
2. How do English witches get rid of children? Why?
3. Who is the Grand High Witch? Why does she meet with the other witches?
4. Describe Luke’s first encounter with a witch? How did he escape?
5. What happened to Luke’s grandmother with only three weeks of summer left? Where did they decide to vacation? Why?
6. What gift did Luke’s grandmother give him? What did he plan to do with them?
7. Where did Luke go to work with his pets? Why did he choose this location?
8. What tricks did he teach to his pets? How?

Mr Lord (music teacher) has set online work for years 3,4 and 5 to complete at home.

Please take a look and have a go!

Username: p882658
Password: strawberry

Thursday 7th May


Good morning children


TT Rockstars - Winners 4LC


Maths - follow the link on Monday for day 4


Tomorrow is VE Day, there are 3 different levels of reading comprehension. Don't cheat by looking at the answers, have a go first.

I have included some ideas for you to use to celebrate with your family on Friday.


Wednesday 6th May


Good morning children - TT Rockstars battle today 9:30am - 3:30pm


Maths - use Mondays link to take you to day 3 maths, watch the video and complete the tasks


English - Using your imagination, we would like you to draw what you would like a witch to look like, label the picture and then describe them.  You may want to use some of the vocabulary from yesterday.  When writing your description think about simple, compound and complex sentences.  Also, the different types of sentences you could use: 2AA; first word, last word; all the w's; 3 -ed,  etc.


History/Geography/DT - Thinking about Italy, choose a famous Italian building and find out as much as you can about it.  The leaning tower of Pisa is a suggestion.  There is also a make your own tower activity included.

Tuesday 5th May


Good morning children

Today is World Asthma Awareness Day.  We have included a brief presentation for you to read.


Maths - today please follow the link from yesterday, watch the video lesson and complete the tasks.


English - Complete the picture and word class activity below.


Geography - can you find out some important facts about Italy, use the ideas in the task sheet below.

Monday 4th May


Good morning children

Today begins the week leading up to the VE Day celebrations, on Friday.  As a little extra we would like you to read this information to understand why we are celebrating.

Maths videos and activities

Follow the link above for a daily video and maths activity.  You do not need to be able to print the sheet, just use your exercise book to work in.  If you need any counters, I'm sure a few coins or paper counters can be made.  There is one per day.



English   chapter 1   chapter 2  chapter 3


Questions to answer

“The Witches” by Roald Dahl     Ch. 1-3 

1. What facts are you given about real witches?

2. What makes a witch so dangerous? Why?

3. Why does Luke’s grandmother know all about witches? Why is he living with her?

4. Describe what happened to at least 2 of the children who disappeared?

5. Why isn’t there a “tremendous fuss” when witches do things to children in Norway?

6. How can you recognize a witch, according to Luke’s grandmother?

7. How often should Luke bathe, according to his grandmother? Why?

8. Why do you think his grandmother won’t tell him about the time she encountered a witch?

4SS Home learning

Friday 1st May 2020


Good morning children,

This morning I would like you to practice your times tables for 15 minutes on Timetable Rockstar.

Next I would like you to revise column subtraction. Use the video link below if you have forgotten.

Then have a go at the document below.


Finally, yesterday I asked you to read chapter 1 of the witches. Please now answer questions about what you heard using the document below and then listen to the following chapter called 'My Grandmother.'

Thursday 30th April 2020


Today I would like you to look at speech marks. Watch the video below to remind you.

Next click on the document below rewriting the sentences in your exercise books with the correct speech marks.


I would now like you to play Timestable Rockstars for 15 minutes and then listen to The Witches audio book, click the link below. Remember to stop at 5:40 minutes, before the chapter called My Grandmother.

Wednesday 28th April 2020


Good morning children,

Last week you looked at the electrical items in your house and how electricity can be dangerous. Today I would like you to look at conductors and insulators. Conductors are materials that let electricity pass through, usually metals and insulators do not let electricity pass through.

Look at the video and complete the activity.


Secondly I would like you to look at expanded noun phrases using the document below.



          TT Rockstars battles  4LC V 4SS

                     Every Wednesday

                  STARTS TOMORROW

                       9:30am - 3:30pm

Tuesday 28th April 2020


Good morning children,

Today I would like you to revise what an expanded noun phrase is using the BBC bitesize link below. You will see there are some further activities for you today as well. These can be done in your exercise books.


Next I would like you to revise column addition using the link below. Remember write in your exercise book.



Monday 27th April 2020


Good morning children,

Today I would like you to complete the decimal place value sheet and comprehension attached below.  Have a look at the video link about decimals before you complete the activity.

Finally as it is the month of Ramadan for Muslims I would like you to all have a go at making a lantern. Have a look at the document below and try and make one. 


Friday 24th April 2020


Good morning children,

Today I would like you to practice your throwing and catching skills which we learnt earlier in the year. Check out this video to help you:


Secondly I would like you to practice your multiplication facts on Timetable Rockstars. We might set a challenge next week between 4SS and 4LC.  

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Good morning children,

Today I would like you to have a look at the famous Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. Click on the document below, write the answers and draw in your exercise book. 

Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Good morning children,

Today I would like you to find out about Italy. Have a look at the document below and find out about the colours of the flag, where in Europe Italy is, research either Venice or Rome and have a go at making pizzas.

Tuesday 21st April 2020


Good morning children,

Today have a look at the video which discusses how to create a tally chart.

Next you are going to collect your own data by looking at the colours of the different cars on your street.


Your second task is to read the playscript attached and try and act it out with your family.

Little Red Riding Hood Playscript

Some lovely pictures of home learning from Arianna. We love how kind and thoughtful you have been thinking about our fantastic NHS. Well done! If anyone would like to share any learning please email us.

Monday 20th April 2020


Good morning children,

Today should have been our first day back at school after half term however at the moment we need to stay at home. Mrs Shipton and myself are really missing you all.

This half term we should be studying Electricity in Science, Italy in Geography, Leonardo Divinci in Art, Different Churches in RE, Decimals and Statistics in Maths and Information and Playscripts in English. 

We will leave you work daily on this page for you to complete around the topics above.


Today we would like you to use the exercise book that we sent home to draw and label all of the appliances in your house that use electricity. Remember they need to be plugged in. If you have finished have a look at the link below and design a safety poster. smiley 

Friday 17th April


Good morning children

Last day of this school week.  Geography and maps are a very important part of our lives.  Using different online maps can you find a country for each letter of the alphabet and its capital city.

I will start you off with :

                    A - Australia                            Capital city - Canberra

                    B - 

                    C -

                    D - 

Some letters could prove a bit of a challenge, who can get the most?

Thursday 16th April


Good morning

For a bit of fun today, have a look at these science experiments


If possible, have a go at some yourself.

Remember to ask an adult before you try anything!!

Wednesday 15th April


Good morning children

While you have been at home we hope you have been reading lots.

You can find online books - here's a couple of websites to start with


Do a book review or draw an alternative book cover

Tuesday 14th April


Good morning children

Hope you had a great Bank holiday weekend.  Please remember that if you need any help or complete any work you would like to show

Mrs Carruthers  -

Mrs Shipton  -


Today, choose objects you use everyday and answer these questions:

Who invented it?  Where were they from?    What year?   Draw a picture of the original and what it looks like now.

Thursday 9th April


Good morning children

Today we would like you to think about your feelings

There is a worksheet you can print out or an alternative is just a plain piece of paper


Draw faces that represent as many feelings as you can

Shocked, miserable, scared, overjoyed, excited

smiley      angry     crying

How many more can you think of and draw?

Wednesday 8th April


Good morning children

Today is history day.  We hope you remember that in year 4 we were studying the Anglo-Saxons.  Watch these clips for lots of information.


You could have a go at designing a poster/leaflet about them, or an alternative, (if you have the ingredients) you could bake some bread

Anglo-Saxon bread method and recipe


Tuesday 7th April


Good morning children

Today you can take a look at these maths clips

They will help you too remember some of the maths we have done and our next maths had we been in school

Monday 6th April


Good morning children

Today should be the first day of your Easter holiday, but at this very different time we are still going to continue with the daily updates and activities.  Try some of these fun activities. Please send any photos to Mrs Shipton or Mrs Carruthers

Friday 3rd April 2020


Good morning children,

As we would normally have a singing assembly this morning, I thought that you could practice your singing and dance moves using Go Noodle. Click the link below.

Thursday 2nd April 2020


Good morning children,


Now we are at home and using our I.Pads, I.pod, computers and tablets I thought that it would be a good idea to think about being safe on the internet. Check out the video below and create a E- Safety poster.

Wednesday 1st April


Good morning children,

I hope that you have been thinking of some April Fools jokes. 

Today, why not have a go at some science following this link:

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Good morning children,

This morning at 11am David Walliams will be reading one of his books. Follow the link below to listen.

Monday 30th March 2020


Good morning children,

Have a look at the animals at Chester Zoo by looking at the virtual videos that have been created. Why not research one of these animals further. Use the link below to watch videos.

Friday 27th March 2020


Good morning children,

Why not complete some writing today with an educational writing expert, Jane Constantine.

If you want to join in visit YouTube every morning at 9:45am ready for her first live broadcast w. Return for her second livestream at 10:30am where she will do a short teaching session and issue the task. Carry out the task as instructed by Jane. Share the work on social media using the hashtag #SuperSentenceStacker. Jane will then review the submissions and put them together to make the full story and she reads it out as a class reading session at 3:30pm. To join, simply click below and subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Thursday 26th March 2020


Good morning children,

Why not have a look at some of the online science lessons using the link below.

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning,

I hope that you are all enjoying spending time with your families.

I know how much you love art lessons so thought that you would enjoy doing some with your families. Click the link below and find one that you like.

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Dear children, 

Why not try and do some exercise by clicking on the link below. Your looking for PE with Joe Wickes.

Monday 23rd March 2020


Dear children, 

I know that some of you are missing school today because of this virus that is spreading around, but you are doing a really important job in helping keep everyone else safe by staying at home.


Please remember not to be frightened, good things are happening in amongst the bad and you can still do your learning at home.


The books that myself and Mrs Shipton have sent you are for you to continue your learning.

If you have any problems understanding any of the learning that has been sent please email myself or Mrs Shipton on the addresses below:


Today, after you have completed some of your set learning we would like you to create a rainbow. You can use pencil, paints, glitter pens, pencil crayons or felt tips to decorate it. Stick it in your window for everyone passing to see. Let's spread hope that after the storm rainbows will be seen.  Get your parents to take a picture of your work and send it to us on the email addresses above and we will upload it to the website.


Lots of love


Mrs Carruthers and Mrs Shipton