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Roald Dahl - Boy and Autobiographies

Boy - Tales of Childhood by Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl's Life

ROOM 13 - By Robert Swindells


Room 13 - Why did they choose to create the cover in this way? What inferences can we make from the cover alone?

Robert Swindells

Ghost Stories!

Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids - Grandmother's Footsteps

There's no such thing as ghosts

A House on a Lake...

A terrifying tale that actually rhymes! Listen out for some great horror phrases and vocabulary - can we use these in our own stories?

Non-Chronological Reports

Non-Chronological Reports - Identifying the features, shared writng and editing of a class text about the Mysterious Maya!

The Mystery of Flannen Isle

The Ballad of Flannan Isle

The poem by Wilfred Gibson, regarding the mystery of the three missing lighthouse keepers. Flannan Isle lighthouse is a real place, located far off the coast of Scotland, on an island that forms part of the Seven Sisters.

An Historical Mystery

A real life mystery upon which our poem was based... What happened to the keepers? Watch the video and see what you think...

Flannen Isle - Hotseating as a lighthouse keeper! Do you like our hats?

The Long Walk by George Layton

Freeze framing The Long Walk by George Layton. Can you identify which scenes we are depicting?