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In Science this half term we are going to be learning about plants. You will find out about the different parts of a plant, what plants need to grow, the life cycle of a plant and about the different types of plants that we see growing around us. This week you will learn about what a plant needs to grow.

For Science week we were investigating what kind of taster are you? We used food colouring to identify the taste buds we could see on our tongues. We found out that we have some super tasters in our class!

We had fun changing the shape of different materials. We discovered which materials can stretch, twist, bend and squash!

Our investigation was how far does a sneeze travel? We discovered very far and that if we're not careful all of us will become infected!

We looked at how different drinks affect our teeth. We were very surprised with our findings! We now understand which drinks contain less sugar.

We had to sort different foods into their food groups and discuss whether we should eat a little, some or a lot of these foods.

We had a fantastic visitor in to teach us all about forces. Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed participating in all of the fun experiments!