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 Mrs Knowles - Headteacher
Mr P McGrath - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs J Loader - Assistant Head, Senco
Miss M Lee-Phase Leader Yr 1, 2 and 3-Teacher Yr3
Mrs L Carruthers-Phase Leader Yr4,5, 6-Teacher Yr4
Mrs K Jagger - EYFS Phase Leader, Nursery Teacher
Mr P Cockson- Year 3 Teacher and SENCO
Miss S Layden-Reception Teacher
Miss K Philliskirk-Year 1 Teacher
Mrs J O'Sullivan -Year 2 Teacher, The Arts
Mr I Shearsmith-Year 2 Teacher  Mental Health and Wellbeing
Mrs A Richards-Year 3 Teacher Worship and RE
Mrs S Shipton-Year 4 Teacher -Computing Manager
Mr A Armstrong-Year 5 Teacher - Wider Curriculum
Mrs R Massey-Year 5 Teacher
Mr S Burrows-Year 6 Teacher
Mr J Gwynne-Year 6 Teacher - Maths
Mrs H Mounsey-Class Teacher
Mr P Cooke-Class Teacher
Mrs J Hall-HLTA
Mrs S Islam-HLTA
Mrs J Grattidge- L4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Khatun- L4Teaching Assistant
Miss L Mouncey-Learning Mentor
Mr J Farrell-Sports Coach
Mrs P Lomas-Teaching Assistant
Miss C Binks-Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Jones-Teaching Assistant
Miss N Bano-Teaching Assistant
Mrs Y Stuart -Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Evans-Teaching Assistant
Miss N Begum-Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Denham-Marsh-Teaching Assistant
Mrs I Bibi-Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Dale-Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Latham-Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Begum-Teaching Assistant
Miss N White - Teaching Assistant
Miss L Platt-Teaching Assistant
Mr R Ali-Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Giurea-Teaching Assistant
Miss K Martin-Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Begum-Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Ali-Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Khanom-Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Downing-Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Miah-Teaching Assistant
Miss A Hynes- Teaching Assistant
Mr N Mansouri-Sports Coach
Mr P O'Connor-ICT Technician
Mrs C Dyer-School Clerk/Bursar
Mrs G Charlton-School Clerk
Miss J Deane-School Clerk
Mr A Shahid-Home School Liason Officer
Miss C Mather-Artist in Residence
Miss A Wilkinson - 2 Year old Provision
Miss A Doyle - Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Sharkey - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs V Taylor-Wrigley-Reception Teacher
Mrs L Mayall - Teaching Assistant
Miss N Maltby - Year 3 Apprentice
Miss I Hussain - Apprentice
Miss C Knott - Apprentice