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Dear parents and carers,


It makes me very sad to have to write this newsletter explaining that, once again, our school has been victim to vandalism.  In the last month we have had over £4000 of damage to our roof, fence and camera.


Two weeks ago, two children climbed on the roof and pulled over 10 slates off, smashing them on the floor.  This will cost over £3000 to repair plus the damp caused by the rainfall has caused more damage which will need to be repaired


Over this last weekend a group of boys came into school and kicked a number of the wooden panels from the fence leaving them on the floor (this was at 5:03 on Saturday 25th June).  Then on Sunday 26th June at 5:52 a group of boys have been kicking their football at school and have broken the CCTV camera.


If you have any information about these incidents could you please contact school.  We have some excellent CCTV footage which we are sharing with the police and we will be pressing charges when we identify the culprits.


Thank you


Mr McGrath