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King Alfred Freeze Frames

Hotseating as King Alfred

South American and International Trade Game

Maya Virtual Explorers! Using Google Expeditions, we explored the wonder of Chichen Itza, being both guide and guided!

Maya Man Visit - Past Productions taught us all about the amazing world of the Maya!

PE Personal Trainers! Year 6 leanred how to TEACH and TRAIN each other!

Maya Food, mmmmmmm! Year 6 tasted Maya-style food and categorised them into food groups. Did the Maya have a balanced diet?

Pin Hole Cameras - we explored how the eye works

Harry Potter Internal Monologues! We recorded our own monolgues as Harry Potter, sent to his cupboard by a mean Uncle Vernon!

Dry Ice Divination - Look into our crystal ball!

Still image for this video

Wingardium Leviosa! Magic Magnets!

Romeo and Juliet - Drama Work!