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Week beginning 4th May - Looking after yourself

In these difficult times it is really important to ensure you are taking good care of yourself, your health and your well-being. The posters and activities below are examples of some ways in which we can do this. Please complete the activities with your child and focus on one activity a week.

Week 1 - Feelings. Draw the different faces to show the different emotions in your red exercise books. Each day when you wake up, discuss how you are feeling and why.

Week 2- Balanced diet. Here is an example of different foods from each category. We need a variety of foods to give us a balanced diet. Draw a plate in your red exercise book and draw the different foods that you eat throughout the week, creating a balanced diet plate.

Week 3- Exercise. Here are some examples of some quick 5 minute work outs. Keep a diary in your red exercise book of which exercise you do each day.

Week 4- Hygiene. Create a poster of how you have been hygienic this week. You can draw photos and label them in your red books.

Week 5- Sleep and rest. Have a look at the document of different ways to 'wind down' and ensure you are getting enough sleep.

Week beginning- 27th April- People who help us (continued)

This week we are going to think about people who help you. Go through this power point and decide who would be the best person to help you.

Make a family tree of people who help you. It could be your parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, dentist and lots more. Draw them in your books.

Now draw around your hand and write 5 things that makes that person important and helpful. Do this for everybody who helps you.

WB 20th April- People who help us

Here are some pictures of people who help us. Can you name them and write down what they do? Write in your red exercise book.

People who help us

A song about people who help us for you to sing along to!

Read the scenario and work out who we would need to help us.

Curious George and the Firefighters by: Margaret and H.A Reys

A nice story to listen to with your child.

To show your support for our excellent NHS workers, create a rainbow and stick it in your window. An example is below.