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Earth and Space

Our learning about this out-of-this world topic is supported by the wonderful book 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. We are really encouraging Year 5 to develop their love of learning and give them access to high-quality texts. We have the reading bug in Year 5 and we hope it spreads!

Our English lessons will also be based around this book to give the children a real immersion into the topic. Ask your child about what they know about this incredible topic and encourage them to read more about it.

Topic overview

Building rockets!

Year 5 demonstrating how the moon revolves around the Earth as it revolves around the Sun

Using evidence to refute theories.
We concluded that the Earth is spherical.
Building model of the Earth
Emma's was one of the better ones.
Year 5 enjoyed this practical activity.
We then looked at what causes day and night.