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RE and worship

This half term our Christian value is friendship. We will be reflecting on what it means to be a good friend and how we can show others that we care and support them. We will learn how Jesus was an extraordinary person and how he welcomed everybody as a friend. We will share stories from the New Testament that show how Jesus was a friend to many and discuss what we think Jesus was trying to teach us. 

Homework for week beginning 18th May - Jesus heals a man born blind.

Watch the video clip below of how Jesus healed a blind man called Bartimaeus.


Everyday people walked past and ignored him. On that day, Jesus took notice. Jesus saw him, listened and helped. Why?

I wonder how Bartimaeus felt when Jesus spoke to him?


Ask your child to think about how blind people do ordinary things like: choose the clothes they need for the day, check the weather, make a cup of tea without overfilling the cup. Some of you may have friends or relatives with a visual impairment. Talk to your child about using your senses and what life without sight would be like. Blindfold someone in your family and ask them to carry out a task that they would usually depend on sight for, for example writing their name or drawing a picture. Set them challenges and compare their results with how they complete a challenge with sight. How did they feel when they were unable to see?

Homework for week beginning 11th May.

Jesus is a friend to everyone. Listen to the story below of the thankful leper. Write a thank you letter to Jesus from the leper who came back to say thank you. Or you could recreate this piece of artwork to show the story. 

Questions to think about:

What was their life like before?

What was their life like after they were healed?

Why did Jesus stop and help them?

Why is saying thank you so important?

Do you always remember to say thank you? When might you forget?

Why do you think the other lepers forgot?

How did Jesus show our Christian value of friendship?

Examples of homework

Am I a good friend quiz?

Homework for week beginning 4th May: Sort the pictures into the correct columns. Use your pink exercise books to discuss whether these actions are friendly or unfriendly.

The children have learnt that there are many different places of worship. They had to match the correct place of worship to the religion and identify the name.

Year 2 visited the Church to see the objects that we have been learning about in real life!

In our RE lessons we have been learning about the Church. We had to match the objects to their descriptions.

Some of the children re-created the story of Daniel and the lions in our RE lesson. We learnt that God's message was that we should trust what we believe in and always be courageous.