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Newsletter 13th March 2020

Newsletter 13th March 2020


Firstly, a huge thank you to all of the parents who attended their children's meetings this week.  The teachers really enjoyed speaking to you all and sharing the reports.  If you have not picked up your child's report, these will be available from the class teacher.


It has been a busy week this week in the news, and in school.  A lot of information has been shared related to the outbreak of the Corona Virus (COVID-19).


As a school we have taken our advice directly from the government, the local authority and the World Heath Organisation and have been acting according to that advice.  This advice is changing daily so rather than writing a letter that will quickly become out of date we are going to create a webpage with information and links to the most current advice and information.


This page is going to be on the school website under the 'Parent Information' section and will be called 'Health information'.


Every time we receive a relevant update we will post it on here and send a text to parents informing you.  We will also post links to information sites that will be of use.  


If you do have any further questions, please email the school on and we will aim to reply as quickly as possible.


Thank you