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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


We have two classes in Year 2:

Mr Shearsmith - Flamingos class

Miss Wood - Eagles class


We are also very lucky to have Mrs Miah, Miss Binks, Miss Martin, Mrs Denham-Marsh,  Miss White, Mrs Downing, Mrs Walker, Miss Platt and Mr Ali.


See what we are learning this half term!


Maths: We are using our calculation methods to add and subtract a range of 2 digit and 1 digit numbers. We will be using the inverse operation to find the missing number. Later on in the term, we will be using the bar model to multiply and divide. In our wider maths lessons, we will be focusing on telling the time and learning how many seconds are in a minute, how many minutes are in an hour and how many hours are in a day. We will be setting ourselves 60 second challenges to see what we can do!


English: This half term we are writing diary entries linked to our history topic, 'The Great Fire of London.' We know lots of information about this historical event through diary entries from Samuel Pepys. He told us how the fire had terrible consequences for London and the people who lived there. After our exciting workshop, we will write a diary entry about the event including lots of facts and the thoughts and feelings of the people who lived at that time.


Later on in the half term, we will look at stories based in familiar settings such as 'The tiger who came to tea' and 'There's no such thing as a dragon!' We will write our own stories about another animal coming to visit our house!


Geography: We will be studying London in great detail. We will identify the physical and human features and find out lots of information about London's famous landmarks including the London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Our homework for this half term is to recreate a famous London landmark! We will also look at the weather patterns throughout the seasons.


History: We will study an event beyond living memory - The Great Fire of London. We have an amazing workshop to begin our topic, describing how and why the fire spread so quickly and the physical effects of the fire! We will meet the people of the time and 

establish a timeline, including the key events and people. We will learn about the experiences of those that suffered through the fire



Science: In Science we are naming different materials. We will be sorting which material objects are made from and explaining why that is the most suitable material. We will look at how the fire spread so quickly in 1666 because the houses were made out of wood. We will conduct investigations into finding which materials can be squashed, squeezed and stretched. We will observe changes over time when looking at which material is best for our ice troll. 


RE: Our Christian value for this half term is courage. In our worship sessions we will discuss how we can show courage within ourselves and read stories from the Bible that show this value. In our RE lessons we are learning about the Church and why it is a special place for Christians. We will visit St Thomas' Church to look at all the objects and to find out what they are used for. We will compare the Church to other places of worship.



PE: Wednesday afternoons


Curriculum overview for the year.

Spring 1 Homework