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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


This year we have Miss Philliskirk (1KP Butterflies) and Mrs Richards (1AR Ladybirds). We are lucky to have Mrs Stuart, Mrs Begum, Mrs Begum, Mrs Khanom, Mrs Islam and Mrs Service who will be helping us at different times throughout the week..


Key days:

Wednesday- PE and library. Please ensure your children bring their P.E kit and their library book

Reading books inside book bags are to be brought to school each day and will be changed once a week.


Thank you for your continued supportsmiley


Here is our overview of what the children will be learning whilst in year 1!

Thank you to Saima and Hiba from 6AA who came and shared their horror stories with 1KP butterflies. The children loved listening to your stories for world book day.

Shrove Tuesday! The children really enjoyed making pancakes today to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. They chose from a variety of toppings including chocolate spread, golden syrup, lemon juice and sugar!

In RE we have moved onto learning about 'Easter and celebrating new life'. We looked at Good Friday and the Easter story and thought about Jesus on the cross. We then tasted hot cross buns. Some of the children found them delicious and had seconds and thirds!!

We have been learning about similes in English linking it to our Flowers and Insects topic. The children thought about the insects they held and how they felt. We then thought of some similies to describe them.


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We recently looked at staying safe on the internet and discussed what we would use it for. The children became familiar with the following rules...

In Maths we have moved onto addition. The children have been using different resources to help them understand what addition is.

Music and DT

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The children got the opportunity to use their homemade musical instruments. We focused on the pitch and tempo and linked this to how insects and animals move. The children then played their instruments accordingly.

In PSHE we have been learning about how to keep yourself clean and healthy. The children created healthy plates.

In Maths we are beginning to learn about 'tens and ones'. The children have been using dienes to help them.

As it is 'Art week' the children have been exploring different artists and their work. Linking to our topic 'flowers and insects', they have been creating botanical mono prints of flowers. They also looked at Henri Matisse and his work on 'Drawing with scissors'. The children then recreated his work, by cutting insects and flowers out of paper.

In History the children have been learning about differences and similarities between ways of life in different periods. The children looked at early travel and recreated their own Viking long boats.

In Science we have been learning about the structure of flowers and plants. The children used different materials to create a flower and labelled the different parts.

Our homemade musical instruments for DT.


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Today we had a special visit from Abby from 'The Wild Roadshow'. She brought lots of reptiles and insects for us to look at and hold. As our topic is 'Flowers and Insects' we got to find out lots of facts about insect habitats and what plants or food they like to eat.

Watch some video clips of the children holding some of the insects/reptiles.

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On Friday we were very lucky to have a whole class speech bubbles session. We played some fun games and the children got chance to participate in lots of different role play scenarios.

Welcome back! Here is our Year 1 newsletter for the upcoming term and the overview of our new topic 'flowers and insects'.

Welcome back... we hope you had a fabulous break and happy new year to you all! We celebrated the new year together and danced to 'Auld Lang Syne' to welcome the children back.

Here is an overview of what will be covered in our next topic 'Flowers and Insects'.

Santa came to visit....

Have a look at the children getting into the christmas spirit. We made hats for our christmas performance and wore jumpers on christmas jumper day. Thank you to all the parents and carers who watched the performance, all the chidlren were fabulous and we are all SO proud!

For our RE topic 'gifts', some of the children went to tesco to donate the food brought in, to the oldham foodbank charity. The children put the food items into the correct charity box. We had that much stuff that we filled the box!! For our IPC topic 'we are what we eat' the children had to then go on a 'supermarket hunt' to find different food items in the store.

We have now finished the genre poems in English. The children finished the genre by writing an acrostic poem. Take a look at their amazing work below.

Thank you so much Armaan for your delicious cakes you made for your homework... the teachers and children thought they were very yummy!

The children have been writing a shape poem about pizza. Take at look at some examples of their fantastic shape poems.

The children have been carrying on with counting in 2s.

Today we did some music with the children. We linked this to PSHE and thought about which instruments matched different emotions. The children then chose the pitch and volume of how they were going to represent the emotion..take a look at our photos and videos of the children in action.

We have moved onto Poems in English. First the children changed a poem by Kenn Nesbitt, we are going to be writing an acrostic poem soon!

As it is anti-bullying week we had a performance from the ETD team. They performed an anti-bullying show for the children which had a Cinderella theme. The children loved it and so did Mrs Stuart and Mrs Begum as they had to join in.

Thank you to Zain for his fantastic homework making biscuits!! They look so yummy and we can't wait to try them.

In maths we have moved onto counting in twos. The children have begun by finding the pattern and ordering numbers in twos.

Thank you so much to those who have already brought food in ready to be donated to the 'Oldham foodbank' charity. Your support is appreciated and the children are excited for the donations to be given to the charity.

In RE our new topic is 'Jesus was special'. We have been learning about Jesus and his miracles and how they made people in the stories feel. Here are some of the children showing the emotions of before and after the miracles...

The children have been learning number bonds to 10 in Maths. Some children moved onto number bonds to 20. Here are two examples of their fantastic work!

Take a look at the non-fiction booklets the children created in English. They researched and learnt all about apples.

On friday (11.11.16) we had a 2 minute silence in school for remembrance day. In the afternoon the children learnt about remembrance day and made beautiful poppy wreaths.

This weeks cheerleading was fun and the children got to use pom poms when performing their cheerleading dance.

Thank you to Saffa-Noor for your amazing effort with your homework. Your food item you created was fantastic and the children thought they were delicious!

This term in PE the children are having cheerleading sessions ran by a lady who comes in to teach them. Look at the children in action...

Now we are back after the half term holiday, we have begun learning number bonds to 10 in maths. Here are some of the children practising making number bonds.

The children have really settled into year 1 (1KP Butterflies)

This week (WC 17.10.2016) we are doing work around Black History month. In P.E we learnt how to do some african dancing.. it was so much fun!

We then did some Art work in the afternoon and made African masks. Have a look at the masks the children made.

For PSHE the road safety lady has been in to visit year 1 and taught us how to cross the road safely. Here are some pictures of the children doing Stop, Look, Listen and Think!

The children are loving speech bubbles again this year. Mrs Stuart has taken some great photos for you to have a look at.

Counting to 100!

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Every day we warm up ready for maths by counting to 100 whilst exercising. Here is 1KP in action...

In maths we have been reading and writing numbers to 20. Here are some of the children in 1KP butterflies hard at work....

We have moved onto finding one more than a given number in maths. The children have been using numberlines and number squares to answer addition sums.

The children then moved onto addition sums where we were adding one more. Take a look at their fantastic work.

Maths Day

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On Friday (7th) we had special visitors who performed a maths show for us. We then had an afternoon all around shape linking to the maths performance.

In English we celebrated Roald Dahl day for our first two weeks back at school and read the story Fantastic Mr Fox. As the title of the book used an adjective, the children wrote adjectives to describe themselves so we could get to know their personalities. Some children even used alliteration! Here are some of the adjectives the children in 1KP used to describe themselves.

We then used adjectives to descibe fantastic mr fox.

Labels, lists and captions is our next genre in English. The children have been labelling fantastic mr fox and his body parts. Some children used adjectives from their previous learning. Hamna, Rameesah and Mahnoor from 1KP have kindly shared their work with you.

After our fantastic work labelling, we moved onto lists. We read the story 'shopping basket' by John Burningham and made some lists. Some children stuck a list in the correct order, some children wrote a list and others moved onto list sentences.

We recently had a book fair in school. Each teacher could take their class to the book fair to look at books and share a few with them.

In English we have moved onto learning how to write simple instructions. The children made jam sandwiches and followed instructions to make them. They are going to be writing instructions on 'how to make a jam sandwich'.

Take a look at our first IPC topic this year.

We have been looking at Giuseppe Arcimboldo and his work around creating artwork faces from fruit and vegetables. Take a look at the fruit/veg faces the children in 1KP butterflies have created inspired by Giuseppe.

After creating our fruit/veg faces, the children then used a Giuseppe Arcimboldo approach to make a face with pizza toppings. They used toppings such as sweetcorn, red onion, green beans, peas, peppers, chilli and many more. Here are some of the pizzas created in 1KP.