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2021 -2022



At the beginning of the year a new school council was elected.  Each class voted for the pupil that they felt would best represent their views.  We used a ballot box and the votes were counted.  In total we have sixteen members who are very dedicated to working hard towards making our school a happy and safe place for all children. 


Our main aims are to give all children within our school a voice and to encourage positive relationships between adults and the children within our school, as everyone matters.  We aim to work as part of the whole school community in decision-making and getting everyone to work out ‘the answers’ together, in this way everyone feels equally able to contribute.  By doing this we create democracy within our school community.  


The School Council 2021-2022

Coming soon....

Our Easter celebration!

We are planning an Easter Egg hunt as well as an Easter bonnet competition for those who wish to enter. The winners will receive an Easter egg. 

Red Nose Day Fundraising

On Friday the 18th of March we had Red Nose Day. On this day the children could come to school in their own clothes for a 50p donation. We also held a cake sale and each class joined in with a class no-bake bake off. The entries were super! The school council judged 5LC as their favourite with 6RM one point behind. This class got a prize for their effort. Well done!


We raised just under £500 which will go to the Red Nose Charity which aims to to help poor and disadvantaged people in the UK and the world's poorest communities

The School Council 2019 - 2020

Project Christmas Fayre 2019


The Christmas Fayre will be held on the 14th of December Saturday 2019.It will be held in St Thomas' church. Children from each year group will be holding a stall with a School Counsellor helping. We will be working along side the Parent Forum. 

They have helped in previous events.


Project Christmas Decoration Competition 2019

We will be having a Christmas decoration competition and the winner will win a 10 pounds Smyths toy shop voucher. It will be 50p to enter and if you want to compete, the entries you can enter until Tuesday 10th December 2019. We will be displaying the decorations in the hall and on the Christmas tree for Christmas dinner.

Project Charities 2019


Our first project this year was to research some charities for each year group. First of all we researched different charities that we felt the children would be interested in. We decided upon two for each class. We then asked each class teacher and pupils to see if it linked to their curriculum and if they thought if it was a good idea. We then asked Mrs Knowles about the charities and if they were good for each class. She asked us to check for links to the long term year group overviews which we did.

The charities we decided on:

EYFS = Donkey Sanctuary linking with their RE the Nativity story. 

year 1= Christmas Jumper Day is for save the children and it links to RE. 

year 2= Food Bank links to their English.

year 3 = Water Aid links to their English poems.

year 4 =WWF links to their Geography rainforests.

year 5= Book Trust links to their PSHE.

year 6= NSPCC links to keeping themselves safe ,risks and bullying.


Spring 2017


We have currently been working on a number of different projects.

Firstly for Shrove Tuesday we thought that it would be a good idea to have a pancake toss competition.  To enter the competition the children were asked to bring a donation for the Food Bank, our chosen charity.  Our evaluations showed us that everyone really enjoyed pancake flipping but thought a lighter pan would have been useful.  We will remember for next


Additionally we created a quiz and book review for World Book Day.  We based this on the Roald Dahl books that we had read as a whole school in September.


Meanwhile we have also been organising a Mothers Day tea party and a St Thomas has Talent event for Red nose day.   We have decided that we are going to be the judges.  We are really excited! surprise

Our Projects

Summer News

Our projects for the summer term are working on a charity fundraiser and planning the Queen's birthday celebrations.
18/6/2016 - We have spent some time researching different charities and have decided upon a list that we would like to raise money for.  We have decided on The Food Bank, Water Aid, Guide Dogs for the Blind, NSPCC, Rainbow Trust and WWF.  On Monday 20th June we delivered an assembly to the whole school to give the children some information about each charity and to discuss how the voting process will take place.  We are hoping to collect votes on Friday and announce our voted charity next week.  We will raise money during the Queen's birthday celebration by donating 50p for wearing our own clothes.
Check out our assembly and voting form.



We are currently planning the Queen's Birthday celebration.  









Our new owl points system is working brilliantly.  The autumn term winners were powerful owl team and last half terms winner was powerful and burrowing owl team.  To celebrate the winning teams got to wear their own clothes.   I wonder who will win this half term????


We have also been busy writing our action plan and helping Mr Cockson think about what the children would like on the playground.  Additionally we have been lucky enough to visit the Oldham Mayor's office with year 6, (have a look at the Y6 page for photographs).   Also we helped Miss Lee think of ideas for our whole school celebration of world book day.  We decided upon pirates and princesses and different teachers came to our classes to read to us.  It was interesting having a pirate and princess themed day.


We are currently working on a celebration day for St Georges Day.  We have many plans for fun learning activities that the teachers could do with the children in each class.  







St George's Day was a huge success with all the children coming to school in the colours of the English flag.  We enjoyed assemblies about St George during worship time and activities in the classroom.  We had some really good feedback from both the children and teachers. no

1st October 2015


Today we have been conducting a survery in our local area focused on recycling and how to keep our area tidier.

Wednesday 30th September


We have held our Macmillian coffee morning today.  We really enjoyed waiting on the parents by serving cake and raising lots of money for a brilliant charity.  We look forward to helping with future projects. 

22nd September 2015


The mascot of our local football team is an owl, therefore we decided to revamp our team point system by creating four new owl teams across the whole school.  Our first project was to use a tally chart to collect the opinions from each of the classes in our school.  The children's choice was, the burrowing owl (mainly chosen by Mr Burrow's class surprise), the Little Owl, the Powerful Owl and the Snowy owl.   We explained the following in our good work assemblies today (1/10/15):


All children within each class will be assigned an owl team and will recieve owl points for following the school rules, outstanding contributions to learning and working well within our school community.  We have decided that the owl teams will have a display to show who is winning, you can see a plan of how it will look in the document below.


The most exciting thing about our owl teams is that the winning team get to go on a special trip at the end of the year. 

Previous work done by the school council

2013 -2014