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Applying for primary school

Primary School Admissions 2024

Dear Parent / Carer

Your child is due to start primary school in September 2024. This is a very exciting and important time, so we are contacting you to make you aware of how and when you need to apply and where to access information to guide you through this process.

Do I need to apply?
Yes, everybody needs to apply. Even if your child is in a school nursery you need to apply for a school place.

How do I apply?
You need to complete the online application at It’s quick and easy and means you get the school offer directly via email. Our admissions page also has more information, a guide and links to school websites too. 

Application deadline
The closing date for all applications is 15 January 2024 at 5pm.

What happens if I don't complete the application on time?
This means your child may not get a place at your preferred school. Your application won’t be looked at until after we’ve allocated places to all those that arrived on time.
I don't have access to a computer at home...
You can get free internet access at the libraries that are currently open in the borough. For a list of libraries that are open and their opening times click here.
What information will I be asked for?
You will need to provide information about yourself, your child, any siblings already in school and your preferred school (some voluntary aided schools may ask you to complete a supplementary form and or provide a baptism certificate).

Do I have to fill in an application for each school?
No, there is only one application. No matter where you wish your child to attend school, if you live in Oldham, you will apply to Oldham Council.

You will be advised to nominate/select three or more maintained schools in order of preference on their application. All preference requests will initially be considered equally.

If it is possible to offer a place at more than one school, the offer made will be the highest ranking preference on the application form. However, if more requests are received than there are places available for a particular school, the oversubscription criteria for the school will be applied.

How to apply online
You will need to complete the online application. It’s quick and easy and you will find it at

  • You will need an email address
  • Complete the online application form
  • You will be sent a receipt when you press the submit button. Ensure that you do receive your receipt, as this is your assurance that the application has been received.
  • You will receive the outcome of your application by email or you can log back into your account. Please ensure that you keep a note of your username, password, security question and answer.
How school places are allocated
Every school has a set of rules, known as the ‘admissions’ or ‘oversubscription’ criteria. Schools that are oversubscribed will follow these rules when allocating places. Admissions criteria are set by the school’s admission authority. It’s very important to find out what admissions criteria schools use before you choose which schools to apply to.

Details of the admissions criteria for community, voluntary aided, trust, foundation and free schools and academies are available here,

Before applying, does your child meet the criteria?

  • Check how closely your child meets the criteria. Be realistic as it is possible that not everyone who applies will be offered a place.
  • Does your child have a sibling who will be attending the school when they start there?
  • For religious or faith schools, is your child or family of the particular religion or faith served by the school? Faith schools may ask for confirmation of attendance at a relevant place of worship. For a child to be considered as a Catholic evidence of a Catholic Baptism is required by the school.
  • Is your home close to the school?
  • Children who have an Education, Health and Care Plan will automatically be allocated a place at the school named on the Education, Health and Care Plan.
  • Do you know what will happen if any of your preferences cannot be met?