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Follow the link underneath each day this week, about 'grouping and sharing' press 'start lesson'. You will then watch a teaching video and will have to complete activities. You can complete the activities in the book sent home (Sent home in the packs when we first had to stay a home because of corona) as you go along. If you have lost these books please do on a piece of lined paper. Please date the work at the top and share with me.




In this lesson, we will read a story and recap finding one less than a given number from the previous lessons. After that, we will show you how to share equally between two groups. You can practise sharing equally between two at home - for example, you could share out your counting objects, divide cards to play snap or share a set of dominoes between two people. You could share a healthy snack like Zara or have a go at sharing your toys between two people in your home.




In this lesson, you will learn to share an even number of objects equally between two groups. Zara will ask you to count out a number of objects and share them between yourself and your teddy or Reggie on screen.




The emphasis of this lesson is noticing that you can group in twos: we call this a pair. You will decide how many pairs of socks different animals need, counting the socks individually and in pairs. You will end the lesson by learning how to count in twos.



In this lesson, you will share out an even number of objects and count the objects in equal groups.



In this lesson, you will investigate what can be shared into equal groups and what happens if things cannot be shared equally. The idea today is to think deeply - considering things from a mathematical and a philosophical perspective.