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Autumn 1 - Marvellous Me

This half term, our topic has been 'Marvellous Me'.

We have welcomed lots of new children to our setting and have helped them settle nicely into their new class.


Each week we have looked at different stories relating to Marvellous me:

Week 1: Back to school for our current children with 'Goat goes to playgroup' and 'spot goes to school'

Week 2: We welcomed lots of new children to our class with 'Superhero's love starting Nursery'

Week 3: Harvest week - We read 'Oliver's Vegetables' and 'Oliver's fruit salad'

Week 4: My family - 'My mum', 'My dad', 'My brother'.

Week 5: Emotions and feelings - 'Robbie feels happy', 'Robbie feels sad', 'Robbie feels angry'

Week 6: Emotions and feelings - Elmer story books