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We have had a lady in to help us with our science learning this week, she is joining us for three sessions. The first session we looked at different objects and the materials they are made from. We then had a competiton to make the strongest bridge. The chidlren worked in teams to discuss the physical properties of the materials and came up with the strongest bridges they could make. We then carried out a test to see who the winner was.

On the second day the children carried out two tests, the first test had some questions and the children had to suggest answers as to what would happen. Then they carried out the experiment and observed whether their predictions were right. The children then performed another simple test where they made rockets. The children took them outside and carried out an experiment to make their rockets fly.

For the third session, we again carried out some experiments and had to observe the changes that happened. Take a look at the chidlren carrying out their experiments.