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Leavers 2016

Year 6 Presentation

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Year 6 Cinderella Play

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Year 6


Mr Armstrong and Mr Gwynne


In year 6 the PE kits will be needed on Thursday and Friday.  It may be easier to leave the kit in all week and take it home at weekends for a wash.




We are very proud of the work Year 6 have produced this year - we were moderated for writing and this year year achieved the highest percentage at the year 6 expected level. The children responded well to all the challenges of the new curriculum, were aware of what elements of it they had already shown and worked hard to produce writing including the other aspects. They demonstrated a high level of maturity and ownership of their learning and this will stand them in good stead at High School.  They have been working hard to produce good pieces of writing covering a range of genres. We have written mystery stories - returning to Flannen Isle to write a narrative, as well as stepping through a mystery door. We also wrote a description of a city, dreaming of a well-earned holiday and rest! We wrote a review of our time in Year 6, reflecting on our achievements, the obstacles we overcame, our learning and the wonderful trips we have been on. 




We have been applying our Maths skills into different areas of the curriculum this term - a lot of hard work has gone into our Business Enterprise groups. We have had to formulate costings of the items we need to purchase, hiring or buying equipment, and in some cases negotiating the hiring of staff members and securing prime locations. We had to keep track of all the costings and ensure we didn't go over our budget!

We took part in 'Dragon's Den' style pitches to our own set of dragons, work out costings and deciding what price we would sell our products at. We had to predict what profit we would make and try to make the most! We were given money and spent it in order to make our products. On the Business Enterprise Day it was all about selling. We had advertised our stalls and on the day we had to handle money, work out change and even drop prices to ensure we sold all we could. It took a lot of teamwork and co-operation.

We raised a record amount of money and we then planned how we would spend it for our End of Year 6 Prom.




In Maths, we have now covered all place value objectives as well as addition, subtraction and multiplication objectives and the fraction objectives too, focusing on the concept of mastery in each of these areas and developing fluency in the recall of facts and procedures. We are still practising these regularly and have enjoyed active maths activities and games to reinforce and embed these. Very exciting! Have a look at some of our pictures below! We have been improving our ability to self and peer assess as well as thinking about what we feel confident about and also where we need more. This has led us to cover all objectives of measure, data handling, ratio and proportion and geometry. Please follow our links below to help with your revision!

3rd Space Learning - Children have 1:1 maths tuition online with maths specialists.


This half term our topic is Being Human, where we learn all about the human body and the different systems - the skeletal, the nervous, the circulatory and the respiratory system. We are learning lots of interesting facts and carrying out our own investigations to help us learn. We are also having extra Science lessons where we look at working scientifically and revising the different areas of Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  


Can the children remember to learn their times tables at home and keep checking the school website for homework and research tasks.


Isntructions by Naeem for brewing a strength potion!

Flannan Isle - by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson

Here is the atmospheric poem and some images to help you visualise!

Vanishings - The Missing Lighthouse Keepers 1/2

Flannan Isles The Flannan Isles mystery was the disappearance of three lighthouse keepers in 1900 who vanished from their duty stations, leaving behind equipment important to surviving the hostile conditions at that location and time of year. However, the official explanation for the disappearances was mundane, concluding that the men were swept out to sea by a freak wave.

Maths Work!

Maths Calculation Video: Addition

Still image for this video
This is how we do our column addition method in Year 6 - please look at the sizes of our numbers.

Maths Calculation Video: Subtraction

Still image for this video
This is how we use column subtraction in Year 6. Look at the sizes of the numbers we use!

Clara Fraction's Ice Cream Shop

This video will show users how to play Clara Fraction's Ice Cream Shop on The game reinforces fraction identification, mixed numbers, improper fractions, and the conversion of mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa.

Reducing Fractions

Reducing fractions, step by step, examples. For more free math videos visit

Reducing Fractions 2

More reducing fractions, step by step, examples. For more free math videos visit

Mmmm... Cake! Told you fractions were great!

Short Division - 3 digits by 2 digits

We are learning to divide a 4 digit dividend by a two digit divisor. Try to work through these and use the video to help you check your answers.

Mayan calendar, number system and astronomy activities!

Bullying and E-safety survey

Our Wonderful World Webquest

Our class reader! Magic!!

Revision Sites! Here to help you with your SAT revision!

English: Wizardly Writing!

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Bitesize SATs Revision

Practise for your SATs with these activities in English, Maths and Science

Sentence builder


The mathletics website. Keep going!

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