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Newsletter Friday 9th July 2021

Dear Parents,


COVID Update and next year

My update here follows the current guidance and may change before September.  I will send a newsletter before we return to school with any updates and confirming all the details.

A few things are going to change in September but most will need to stay the same.  One main thing that needs to change is the start and end time to school.  All children in school will go back to starting at the usual time of 8:50 and finishing school at 3:00.  The school gates will open at 8:45 and be locked at 9:00 in the morning and open at 2:55 in the afternoon.

Our children will not be required to stay in the bubbles they have worked in this year but we are still aiming to keep children working and playing with their peers to minimise close contact with others.  They will be playing on the yard at breaktime with children in other years but the lunch times will stay very similar so there are less children inside at one time.


We are still waiting for the guidance from the government on isolation times and what happens if there is a positive test in your child’s class.  As soon as we hear anything, I will share this.


Our hope and aim is that we can welcome all our children back in September and have them in school for the whole year with no breaks.  We keep our fingers crossed!


Parent meetings and reports

We have almost completed our meetings with the parents with a mixed success.  I am aware that some parents struggled with the system, but a number did manage to speak with the teachers.  The staff have tried to phone all parents who made appointments are weren’t able to make the technology work and spoken to quite a number more.


You should have received your reports for your child with our yearbook in the envelope with them.  We have tried a new way of writing the report this year following feedback from parents.  Hopefully you have enjoyed reading about your child, what they have achieved this year and what they need to do to keep achieving in the coming years. 

5RM’s reports will be sent out on Monday


Free school meal vouchers

We received a message from Oldham to say that all children eligible for free school meals will get the vouchers over the summer holiday.  These will be sent out via text and email on Monday.  Each eligible child will receive £75.  If you do not receive the voucher by Tuesday or Wednesday, please contact the school office.


If you feel you may be eligible for free school meals, please speak to the office as soon as possible.  They can advise and help you to apply.


Holiday club

Mrs Stones has organised a spectacular holiday club which will run for the first 4 weeks of the school holiday.  3 weeks here and then the 4th week at St. Patrick’s school just down the road.


The club is being funded from the government who are providing spaces for children in receipt of free school meals.


There are loads of activities planned including archery, football, cooking and arts and crafts amongst other things.  Lunch will be provided for all and it is fully inclusive of all children with staff available to support any children with additional needs.

If you would like your child to attend, please return the form which was sent home last week or complete the survey which will be sent out this afternoon via text message.


Dates and events to the end of term

I am sorry to say I have not been able to send the usual list of exciting dates of events running in school this year.  Most of the events have taken place but we have not been allowed to invite parents or spectators in to watch due to the COVID rules.  Our hope is that from next year we will be able to start to invite you all back to enjoy being part of these events – we have missed you all!