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Yearly overview

Some of the topics your child will be learning this year are:


  • In English, narrative writing as we study Flannan Isle poetry and World War 1.
  • In maths, will focus on improving their all-round concept of number and math skills.
  • Science – Our first topic was ‘Animals and Humans’ – Children will learn about systems of the human body, experiment how exercise affects heart rate, and study how diet and exercise affect health. We have been looking at how to be safe with electricity and will be making circuits!
  • RE – Our topic is Easter.
  • Geography and Art – Children have studied human and physical geography of South America and appreciate artists such as Frida Kahlo. We will also create a piece of artwork inspired by an artist the children have researched.
  • Music - We are learning to play the glockenspiels and music pieces created by John Williams.
  • History – We have journeyed back to pre AD900 to learn about the Mayan Civilisation of Central America. 
  • PSHE - We are studying relationships and how they change including the emotions involved. This will help with emotional development and transitions to high school.