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Year 3

Yearly curriculum content overview

Medium Term Plans

Year 3

Our English genre is mythical story writing.  We will focus on building a story with the correct parts and checking our writing makes sense, as well as embedding our grammar knowledge, learning new spelling patterns and practising our joined handwriting in order to improve presentation in all our work.  The children will also develop knowledge and understanding of how to use speech, punctuated correctly, within our writing.


Maths—We will be focusing on fractions and the application of these.  Towards the end of the school year we will be further applying our mathematical knowledge that we have learnt.


Our topic this half term is science.  Completing the flowering plants unit and moving on to light, forces and magnets.  Developing our scientific enquiry skills and the ability to ask questions using scientific vocabulary.



R. E. will continue with 'Rules for living', but looking at the different world religions and how they compare and contrast to Christianity.


PE kit will be needed on a Monday and Friday for 3ML, Miss Lee's class, also a Friday for 3SS, Mrs Shipton's class.

swimming kit will be needed for the rest of the school year, on a Tuesday, for 3SS, Mrs Shiptons' class. 


Our Spanish topic this term is 'Food'.


We will continue to embed our computing skills, with research, recording and a coding fortnight at the end of the half term.


Please can we make a request for shoe boxes for our technology lessons for building cars!!



Linking Project Pupil Comments

Linking Project, second visit! We had a great time and all the children made a new friend. Thank you to all the children at St Mary's and St Martin's

Shrove Tuesday - Pancake tossing competition for years 1, 2 and 3! Well Done Aliyah in year 3 who achieved 80 tosses! WOW! The donations will be gratefully recieved by the Food Bank, thank you to all parents and children who gave.

E-Safety Week

Well done Adil and Aqil working together to make an erupting volcano!

3ML turned into Scientists! We learnt all about fossils and rocks.

An erupting volcano on our playground!

Linking Project Part 3. All schools had a great time and we all made lots of new friends! Thank you to St Martin's and St Marys.

Fantastic homework, well done 3ML

Rescue robots and volcanoes galore. Fabulous homework 3SS!

As part of the first step to the Linking Project, some children went to Hathershaw College to meet new friends and play some games.

What year 3 enjoyed about Autumn 1.

To celebrate Black History Month, Year 3 research influential black people in history. We also had a fantastic performance by a Gospel choir.

Click this link to practice your 4 times tables. 

3SS Willy Wonka lolly challenge

Stone Age Jewellry, Early History timelines and Stonehenge modelling

Gateway to the World overview

Active Planet overview

Year 3 enjoyed a morning at Oldham College. We did lots of experiments in the science lab and even made some 'slime'

Children on the linking project are provided with the opportunity to make links and form friendships with children from other schools. They have rotated visits between  St Thomas's, St Margaret's and St Mary's primary school. They have been researching the local areas and creating art work based on what they have learnt. 


Prehistoric building models

Scavengers and settlers timelines

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Year 3 End of Year Presentation

Well done to the year 3 children and staff, an amazing year.