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Yearly overview

Mississippi Flooding                     visit websites below to:

Complete the Investigating: Mississippi Floods Activity Sheet

Create a storyboard of events (see Pupil Example in downloads)

Complete the details, causes and impacts table



Go to National Geographic website

Go to National Geographic Website

Go to NOAA website


Go to BBC News website


Go Nature website: webs

California Droughts

Watch this video to provide the context for the activity. Go to BBC website

Pupils should visit websites below to:

Complete the Investigating: California Drought worksheet that explores causes and impacts of Drought. Possible answers are available in Teacher Factsheet in Downloads.




Use these websites to complete the California worksheet:

Go Drought Monitor website

Go US Drought Portal website

Go National Drought Mitigation Centre website

Go Global Warming Isn’t Causing Drought? Website

California’s vanishing lakes. Go to Daily Mail website