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Fairy tales

On Tuesday we had a very big surprise in our classrooms. A little door had appeared with a letter.

We thought about fairytale stories and came up with some suggestions about who it could be living behind the door. The children shared their ideas amongst each other.

The children then created a piece of work about who they thought was living behind the 'Fairytale Door'. The children came up with some excellent ideas.. take a look.

We then built up a character description of our ideas of which fairytale character is behind the door.

We have done a little work on the beginning, middle and end of a story. The children sequenced Rapunzel into the correct order.

We then moved onto to thinking about magical ideas. The children watched a clip about a perpetual dancer who is stuck in a clock tower, it will only tick when she dances. The children thought of ideas as to how she got there.