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Local History

Working with the Oldham Gallery, we were lucky to take part in a new learning opportunity about WW1 in Oldham.

We started by sharing what we knew about World War One already. Our English work about the Christmas Truce helped us. We walked around the town centre and took our time to notice the buildings that were around at that time. 
We met an interesting street cleaner who told us all about his Grandad who was in the war. We re-created a street scene with different shops including the recruitment office. The use if drama really helped bring history to life.

 We then met a soldier from World War One by the War memorial and he helped us to imagine what life was was like for the people of Oldham 100 year ago. 

It really helped us to appreciate the people of Oldham in World War One and we finished by writing a postcard to a soldier from the war memorial. 

We will remember them.