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SEND and Inclusion

SEN/D at St Thomas' includes children with special educational needs and disabilities.  


At St Thomas' we recognise our responsibility to nurture all our pupils whatever their individual needs, enabling them to achieve their full potential though an inclusive education. Effective differentiation is seen as the prime intervention in meeting pupils’ needs. When a child’s needs are significantly different from or additional to the rest of their peer group they are recognised as having Special Educational Needs. When a child is identified as having additional needs they are helped in achieving their potential through the waves of intervention.


Our overarching aim is to create an atmosphere of encouragement, acceptance, respect for achievements and sensitivity to individual needs, in which all pupils can thrive by paying attention to these specific areas:

  • Identifying, at an early age, individuals who need extra help and attention.
  • Enabling each pupil to reach his or her full potential, both curricular and extracurricular enabling each pupil to partake in, and contribute fully, to school life.

  • Endeavouring to meet the individual needs of each child.

  • Developing a feeling of self-esteem within the individual.

  • Fostering an atmosphere in our school which will promote a happy, sensitive and secure environment to ensure the most effective learning for all children.

  • Providing for children’s individual needs by supporting them in various ways: whole class, small groups and individual.

  • Monitoring closely those with SEN/D by review and assessment, to enable us to recognise, celebrate and record achievements.

  • Providing access to and progression within the curriculum.

  • Working with parents and other agencies to provide support and opportunities for those children with SEN/D.

  • Using a variety of teaching strategies, which include different learning styles, to facilitate meaningful and effective learning for all children.

  • Assisting all staff in the delivery of educational entitlement and ensuring all staff are aware of a child’s individual needs.

  • Ensuring access to a range of resources to support staff in their teaching of children with SEN/D.

  • Including the voice of the child in monitoring and reviewing one page profiles, IEP’s and Provision maps.


We meet the above aims by:

  • Identify and provide for pupils who have special educational needs and additional needs

  • Work within the guidance provide in the SEND Code of Practice, 2014

  • Operate a “whole pupil, whole school” approach to the management and provision of support for special educational needs

  • Provide a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator(SENCo) who will provide support and advice for all staff working with special educational needs pupils and work within the SEN/D Policy

  • Having regular contact with parents, encouraging them to be involved in their child’s learning.
  • Enabling staff to provide for the additional needs of children through appropriate training, support and resources.


The named SENCO is Julie Loader - NASENCO Award

The Assistant SENCO is Paul Cockson - Currently completing the NASENCO Award


The SEN governor is Mr T Hussain.



SEN Information Report  

This document includes detail of the provision and intervention we can provide within school.  It has more information about how we are able to support children in school with special education needs and disabilities.

SEN Information Report - Updated january 2017

Medical Conditions


At St Thomas', we recognise that pupils at school with medical conditions should be properly supported so that they have full access to education, including school trips and physical education. Some children with medical conditions may be disabled and where this is the case the school will comply with its duties under the Equality Act 2010.


Medical Policy January 2017

Oldham's SEND Local Offer

 Oldham’s Local Offer is an online resource that has information about local and national organisations and services. It also provides support and guidance to families with children and young people aged 0-25 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

The direct link to St. Thomas' Local Offer on Oldham's Local Offer is below


Below is a link to the leaflet giving more information regarding Oldham's Local Offer