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St Thomas’s C of E School pupils are Mayor’s ‘Hope for the Future’

St. Thomas’s is the biggest primary and the seventeenth school in our Borough so far to sign the Pledge to Peace.


In response to the greeting the Mayor said it was "absolutely wonderful" to be in the school and that he was "absolutely thrilled" to be part of the ceremony.


Miss Duffy led the assembly, reminding the children and staff of the significance of signing the Pledge to Peace and their recent work on creating a peace garden for the school and making crosses for the Manchester Passion which over Easter were displayed in the National Football Museum, Manchester as a visible symbol of the importance of giving hope to everyone.


The pupils then sang ‘It’s a Wonderful World’ and signed the words. They had learned the song especially for the assembly and, when asked by Miss. Duffy if they knew the signs, one little girl said loudly, and with great pride, ‘yeah!’


The Mayor spoke about how the world would be "so much more wonderful" if we stopped killing one another and that in signing the Pledge today "the children were saying stop the killing". He also said that young people, and especially the pupils of St Thomas’s and the other peace schools in Oldham, were his "hope for the future" and he asked the pupils to "take the message of peace into your classrooms, your school yard, and your families and to your friends at other schools".


After prayers said by five pupils, the Pledge was signed by the Head teacher Mrs Knowles and by the Mayor, before a group school with the whole assembly was taken, another first in Oldham.


After the assembly the Mayor spoke further with the Head and Deputy Head teacher; Mr McGrath and with the Chair of Governors, the Rev. Nick Andrewes, and Governor, Keith Pendlebury.


The Mayor also met the School Council to answer some thought-provoking questions. When asked ‘What was the best decision you have ever made?’, the Mayor sweetly said asking his wife Di, the current Mayoress, to marry him and in answer to ‘Who is your role model?’ he spoke about his father whom the Mayor described as a generous man. Two of the School Council members, Fatima and Abid, then signed the Pledge to close the event.


The Headteacher Mrs. Angela Knowles then kindly presented the Mayor and Richard, representing the Forum, with personal gifts as a generous memento of the event.

St. Thomas’s is the biggest primary and the seventeenth school in our Borough so far to sign the Pledge.